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We visited The Clark Art Museum last weekend for the Japanese-themed family day and I managed to breeze through the lovely “Like Breath on Glass” exhibit featuring works by Whistler, Inness, William Merritt Chase, John Henry Twachtman, Eduard Steichen, and Thomas Wilmer Dewing. I was struck in particular by the romanticism and story in Dewing’s work, which has a very modern quality to it of leaving you in a state of curious wonderment. I was also drawn to the immediate parallels with Maggie Mailer’s recent exhibition at the Ferrin Gallery in Pittsfield. 

During a photo shoot with the lovely Brittany Morgan, currently acting at Shakespeare & Company in both “Othello” and “All’s Well that Ends Well”, who consented to model for me for another project, I was inspired to see if I could simulate the effect that Dewing produced (after all, the model was in a corset…).

Anyway, here are the results of that experiment: