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Overseas Perspective – Designit

Designit is a “Strategic Design Consultancy” home-based in Denkmark with office around Europe. I tripped across their site some years ago and I always find myself going back to it when I am looking for a different perspective on the design business, and the business of being creative. They have a broad view, working across normal boundaries into interactive, industrial design, graphic and strategic space all at once for their clients.

One of the features that distiguishes the best European design from the rest of the world is the clean, elegant and subtle approach. Everything is pared down to the minimum, or down to the core. You can take this too far, of course, and you end up with uncomfortable chairs…

But the main reason I come back to their site is that I have a dream where I go to Denmark for some sort of job/sabbatical at Designit and get to work with fun designers on projects wholly unlike my own and I get to learn some Danish and stay up really late under the midnight sun during the summer. That’s really why.

They’ve launched a blog on their site, which is an interesting alternate perspective on their normally completely controlled environment. I found this link about candied apples very illuminating. The writer says: “Look at this picture – proof that the US is the mother of innovation culture. In Denmark we also have a tradition for caramel apples. Tradition with a big T, that is. It’s never changed and it is still only possible to get the red classic version “.

It’s kind of refreshing, as an American in these times, to see that we (as a culture) can still export some values, that some aspects of the dynamic, creative, American dream live on.

Farvel sålænge!