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Sienna Gallery – Innovative Modern Art and Craft

Sienna is a long-time client and friend of mine and Studio Two ( and as a fellow small business entrepreneur, we talk a lot about the state of the universe that we work in. I’m hoping that we’ll be seeing big changes in Sienna’s web presence in the weeks and months ahead as we migrate aspects of her site from the elegant custom CMS that we built for her some time ago into the open framework of WordPress. I’m encouraging her to build her strategy going forward around posterous (UPDATED 2015 – POSTEROUS is long gone – here’s the story) as well ( as I think that it is a terrific tool for integrating the communications that a business, institution or individual needs to make across the many different social networks, sharing sites and rich media sites. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and it is changing my habits around posting and communicating in big way.

One of the interesting aspects about the revolution taking place on the web today, the transition from technology to language, is that it rewards experimentation and participation like nothing else. You have to “play” within this space to learn it. Businesses like mine, that were formerly the gate-keepers to the web, have to learn to not only throw open the gates by building frameworks and foundations where our clients can play, but much like bringing up children, we have to encourage them to go outside and make their own mistakes.

The internet is a language now. Not a technology. Fluency comes with practice, experimentation, and making mistakes and learning by listening. We’re learning new words every day. Good Luck Sienna!

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